Ever since the first episode of Kim’s Convenience, when Janet said there wasn’t a cool, Christian, Korean boy, I have been on the lookout for one. I believe I found one. Sam Kim agreed to be interviewed.  He is currently a student at Tyndale Seminary in Toronto (M.Div.) and graduated with a B.A. at Tyndale University College, Toronto, in Biblical Studies and Theology. To fulfill the criterion, I asked him to respond to the questions, Are you cool? Are you Christian? Are you Korean? Are you looking for a cool, Christian, Korean girl? Let’s hear him respond in his own words.

 1.  Are you cool?

This question is kind of a difficult one to answer, in a way if I answer that means to say I admit that I am cool and that would be uncool of me; a cool person needing to announce that they are cool is announcing it to convince themselves more than they are others. Others will know if a person is cool. So, it’s kind of a catch 22. Also the word “cool” can be taken in a variety of ways, fashionable, stylish, chic, sophisticated, dope, sick, etc.

But for the sake of this interview if I were to be cool, and acknowledge that I am cool, I guess there are a lot of moving parts that make up my “coolness.” Coolness” it could have to do with my laid back/ carefree attitude, my loyalty to my friends, being there for others when it counts, being dependable and reliable. Maybe it has something to do with my own weird sense of humor? Or maybe my winning personality (joking of course).

 2.  Are you a Christian?

This question is a little bit easier to answer, this is probably because it more of a relational lifestyle choice that I consciously make every day.

The obvious goes without saying, believing in God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Admitting that I am a sinner needing the grace and mercy of God and knowing that He sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins; believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the forgiveness of sins, the Promise of everlasting life.

There’s also the importance of taking up your cross daily, being a new person in Christ, finding your identity in Christ, sharing in His sufferings and His reward as we are heirs and co-heirs with Christ. And as I said it is a relational lifestyle, so there is aspect of being in His Word every day, praying, being in communion with other believers.

 3.  Are you Korean?

Being Korean is obviously not a choice or something that I can work at, it is who I am. As my mother and my father are both Korean it is obvious that I would be Korean, unless my parents switched babies with a Chinese couple on accident or maybe it was on purpose. But it means different things to different people.

There is also the difference to being a 1st generation Korean or a 2nd generation Korean. I am a 2nd generation Korean and some of my closest friends are 1st generation or more accurately 1.5 generation Korean, sometimes they tease me saying you’re not a true Korean unless you’ve tried this food, or know this song, or play this game.

To my parents it means being able to play an instrument and by instrument I don’t mean the guitar. I mean either the violin and/or the piano. Getting good grades, and by good grades I don’t mean a B+ or an A-, it means getting an A. Getting into a college and when I say college I don’t mean a community college, I mean a 4-year-college, and being either a doctor or a lawyer, and when I say a doctor I don’t mean a dentist, I mean a brain and/or heart surgeon.

To me it encompasses all these things and before all else a strong sense of family. Loyalty to family must be first and foremost. Being a 2nd generation Korean it is at times difficult growing up in Korean household and the restrictions of the rules of my parents. But I do love the culture of my Korean heritage and balancing both the Korean and Canadian part of my life is always a challenge but it always makes things interesting.

 4.  Are you looking for a cool Christian Korean girl?

You sound like my mother. This is the question that she always asks whenever I see her, which is why I try to limit seeing her (just kidding). This is also all the questions that my relatives always asks especially on the holidays. I have a very large extended family. Sometimes, I think I should wear a sign around my neck about my marital status on the holidays and family gatherings.

But she doesn’t necessarily have to be Korean…there’s always the joke among my family that I am the black sheep when it comes to my romantic life (or lack thereof), they think that I don’t like Korean girls considering my track record with girls that I have dated have always been Caucasian, but I promise it’s not because of prejudice, it’s just a strange coincidence…or at least I think it is…maybe it’s a subconscious decision because Korean girls remind me of my mother?

But maybe if/when you do interview of a cool Christian Korean girl you can give her my contact info.



There you have it. Sam is certainly a candidate for a cool, Christian, Korean boy. What do you think Janet and Umma? Sam says you or others can contact him @samuelkskim.