This is the “homework” after my Tyndale University College & Seminary message on “God Speaking in the Spectacular & in the Silence” from 1 Kings 19:1-13 (Elijah story). The sermon audio is here

Main points: 1. God speaks to us andthrough us in spectacular ways 2. God speaks to us in the silence

Main message: God powerfully speaks to us in the silence

Homework or application was to spend 1/2 hour w/ God to allow God to speak. That was due before Chapel next week by email, Twitter @DanielLWong or Instagram: drdanielwong


1. Make spending time with God a priority

2. Be in solitude

3. Pray

God invites us into His presence

Resources: – executive summary & full report of Canadian Bible reading habits

Suggested pattern:

1. Set aside a time and find a quiet place

2. Quiet your heart before God – initial prayer and give God your concerns, commit this time to God

3. Reflect on Scripture – Ps. 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth” (NIV version or your choice). You can expand to the rest of Psalm 46 or a Scripture of your choice [Scripture can be read or listened to]

4. Quiet yourself to listen to what God says to you

5. Journal – record insight into Scripture, application to you

6. Pray that you apply the Scripture, pray for others, your concerns

7. Thank God for the time spent in fellowship

Let me know how it went. Look for situations in the upcoming days to challenge your application of this Scripture and this time spent with God

Send me an email at

My past experience:

June 24 (Tues.), 6:02-6:35 a.m.

I followed my suggested procedure above. I only went onto the internet to copy the material to a document but did not check email and social media until after this devotional time.

My reflection on the whole of Ps. 46 is that God is my strength. I want to be sure that I do things in God’s strength and not my own. Philippians 4:13 came to mind and a filling of the Holy Spirit for empowered living.

Prayers were mainly for my family, myself and some other people and situations that came to mind.

I was thankful for health and opportunity to serve the Lord in broader contexts.

I want to be aware of situations that will test whether I will do things in God’s strength or my own.

A congregational member’s experience:

Thank you for your sermon last week, and for the assignment as well. I completed the time this morning, and it was a welcome time of quiet and focus on God and His word, especially in the midst of a busy week.

I was reminded once again that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the same God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, never changing in His steadfast love and faithfulness.

Too God be all the glory.

Another congregational member’s experience:

I am more Martha than Mary so I reflected on how hard it is for me to “be still” before God and I will work on this. I can see why Jesus had to withdraw and be in a place hard to fine.

One person’s experience is described as:

She loves to hear God’s word. It is her best friend. She also spends time praying. She feels Jesus’ presence when she prays.

Other suggestions:

One person said that they listen to Scripture. The intake of the Word comes through different avenues. Some read the Scripture out loud and in other versions.

A suggested book is Ken Shigematsu’s God in My Everything which has practical instructions on developing spiritual practices and a rule of life

Also Renew: A Personal Guide to a Personal Retreat by Tyndale Seminary professor David Sherbino, 2015