Jung is the son on TV show Kim’s Convenience played by actor Simu Liu. At this point in the story line, his character is developing. Surprisingly enough, he has not had a direct conversation with his Appa (father).

I find that we can relate to each of the main characters on Kim’s Convenience. I’ve talked about Appa https://drdanielwong.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/why-we-identify-with-appa-in-kims-convenience/ and had a friend talk about Umma https://drdanielwong.wordpress.com/2016/10/26/how-i-relate-to-umma-in-kims-convenience/  Let’s talk about Jung.

  1. We have a strained relationship with our father

Fathers are a funny feature of families. They started things going but their role changes over the years. Most of us can relate better with our mother. Our mother is caring, nurturing and a real listener. Fathers tend to be aloof, hard working at providing but rarely home. How many of us say we have a close relationship with our father?

In Kim’s Convenience Jung is living away from his family. He says that either he got kicked out or left the family. We are waiting with bated breath to find out what went on between Appa and himself that caused this rift.

Many of us may sense that strained relationship with our fathers. I remember getting up the courage to ask my dad about my brother and myself, “Aren’t you proud of us?” To which he curtly replied, “You guys are a pack of trouble.” My heart sank. Thinking back, I’m sure he meant well but maybe our earlier antics outweighed our contribution.

Just like in Kim’s Convenience, we are hoping for reconciliation between Jung and Appa. We love these two strong Asian men. We long that we ourselves would have a better relationship with our father.

Appa has a lot of verbal barrages. His talk can get him into trouble and say brutally honest and hurtful things. Some of us can relate to those hurtful remarks said by our father or ourselves in retaliation. We contrast this with the quiet silent type on Second Jen with 1st Jen’s (not Mo’s) Cantonese Chinese father @SecondJen.

  1. We want to do what is right

Jung is a conscientious worker at the car rental. He is constantly keeping his friend Kimchee in line. Jung strives to keep a professional relationship with Shannon, his boss. She looks like she has other ideas. He even turns down going to the Raptors game with her because he thought it was inappropriate. We’ll see what develops in later episodes.

It is a bit Asian and human to do the right thing. In that we know our place and role. We aim to carry out our role well and be responsible. Of course, sometimes that may get us into trouble. It does help to live according to our conscience. Was that Jung’s upbringing and church background that engendered his perspective?

        3. We value our friends

Kimchee (played by Andrew Phuong) is Jung’s best friend. He also his co-worker and his house mate. It’s tricky to operate in so many environments with a friend. Yet, Jung does his best to stick up for Kimchee and even apologizes to restore the relationship.

Who hasn’t had ups and downs with friends? They are often life’s greatest pleasures and can be the sources of grief as well. Friendships are worth preserving and encouraging growth.

In Jung we see our common humanity. We want to do the right thing for our family and friends, but the outcomes aren’t always what we expect. Relationships require constant monitoring and mid-course correction. In Jung we see our own attempt to navigate these. We look forward to future episodes of Kim’s Convenience to see more connections with Jung.

As a side note, I got to meet Simu Liu who plays Jung at the @ReelAsian20 event where we previewed an episode.

His answers in the panel section were very articulate. He is very personable (like all of the cast members). He @SimuLiu has the most Twitter followers of the cast members and more than @KimsConvenience itself. Based on what I observed, a lot of women wanted to take a picture with him at the event😉

Enjoy the show!!!