1426092004912Many have seen or heard Ins Choi’s story. It parallels the story of many successful immigrants who went to the school of hard knocks before breaking through.

Many of us have aspirations to be successful – to write that best seller, to produce an award-winning blog, to have a contribution to legacy, to influence our children, to leave a legacy.

Let us look how we relate to Ins Choi.

1.  We are starving artists

Many of us have regular jobs that are not in line with our passions. If we were financially independent, we would paint, write or travel the world. To pursue our passion, we must sacrifice a lot of our “spare” time. Often family and friends don’t understand our desire to go outside the box.

Ins sacrificed much to produce his plays. He wrote betwen times of performing other plays.

2. We seek artistic expression

We have a play, poem, book bound up in us that needs expression. If I have one book I want to write, it is “Savoring Multicultural Relationships.” I believe that is needed in today’s world, how we can relate better to each other – in friendship, marriage, parenting, work, school, religious settings. Do you agree?

Ins wanted to write a play based on his experience and the experience of many immigrant families. Kim’s Convenience was the results. He also wrote and starred in his one person show, Subway Stations of the Cross.

3. We are on a journey

I shared with two people today Stephen Covey’s 8th Habit: Find your voice and inspire others to find theirs. Many are seeking clarify for career and life contribution. Too few have seen their dreams dashed by others. They have gotten discouraged on the journey.

Ins continues his journey. We are influenced by his voice. Many of us are finding ours via Kim’s Convenience.

Do you related to Ins Choi in these areas? In others?

Ins Choi will perform Subway Stations of the Cross on November 6, 8-10 p.m. at Tyndale University College, Toronto. Limited tickets currently available, $10 each. Contact jbrooks@tyndale.ca. This blog author will be there as well who is a professor at this school.