Who hasn’t rushed into a convenience store to get a quick snack or went there because you didn’t want to drive to the grocery store? It was convenient. We sometimes notice the cashier/owner who often and speaks with an accent. We all identify with the new show Kim’s Convenience in some way.

Kim’s Convenience is a new show that reveals the life surrounding the store, especially the family that runs it and live in it. There are family dynamics in all families but many of us can identify with the challenges of immigrant families. There are differences in viewpoint and reference points. Beyond the generation gap, there are language and cultural gaps. Based on the live Tweets during the show (it was trending in Toronto and Canada) and the deluge after, many could identify with the family dynamics living in a majority/minority world.

Kim’s Convenience subtly addresses issues in a humorous way. It seems quite Canadian and Asian to do this indirectly whether this is the homosexual issue, success at work or aspirations for a daughter to get married and have children.

All of us bring a past and present to Kim’s Convenience. I am a 3rd generation American born Chinese who has been in Canada for more then 30 years. My own family has varied cultural mixes. I pastored in a Chinese church for 18 years (note Ins Choi own story of helping in a youth group and the Korean pastor in the show) and now teach at Tyndale University College & Seminary. In my current position I teach students of various cultures including Korean, Chinese, various shades of Canadian including Newfoundlanders. I say it is easy to step on cultural toes. Yet I find it an exciting adventure to dabble in various cultural foods and learn various traditions.

I look forward to the future episodes of Kim’s Convenience. I will laugh and cry as I identify with the characters and situations in the story which is our lives. I hope you do too.

Note: this is my initial response after watching the 2 opening episodes of Kim’s Convenience on Oct. 11, 2016.

First episodes at http://watch.cbc.ca/kims-convenience/season-1/feebd42e-998b-4745-9635-48e822c571c7